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Vegetable Crusts – The healthy alternative! 

Pumpkin, beet root, spinach and cauliflower crusts – Now available!

Product Demonstration – Thin & Crispy and Deep Pan crusts.

Product Demonstration  – Thin & Crispy and Deep Pan crusts.

Product Demonstration – Authentic Italian Stone baked crusts.

Product Demonstration – Calzone pizza crusts.

Product Demonstration – Wholemeal (Education) crusts.

Pizza Plus Food Service offers the largest range of pizza and pizza related products available in the UK.

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Quality and nutritional value is at the core of all our products. Our pizza crusts are made from the best 100% natural ingredients which results in a lighter, crispier and healthier product. The bases are part-baked and are offered in different sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

We are a specialist supplier to the Education sector providing innovative and healthy options. Over the past 5 years we have worked closely with Schools, Colleges and Universities, developing a range which complies with all Schools’ nutritional standards, they are easy to use AND at the right prices – the kids love them too!