Exhibition Attendance 2013


Scheduled Exhibition Date 2013



Chadds Tues 5th Feb Saltash
Castle Howell Tue / Wed 19th /20th Feb Llanelli
Dobles Thur 21st Feb Kingsley Village
Philip Dennis Mon 4th Mar Barnstable
Ilfracombe Tues 5th Mar Landmark
Caterfood Wed 6th Mar Matford Centre Exeter
Millers Tues 12th Mar York R/course
M.J. Baker Thurs 14th Mar N/Abbot
IFE 17th – 20th Mar ExCel London
Milton Produce Tues 9th Apr Guernsey
V.A. Whitley Sun 14th Apr Bolton
J & R Foodservice Wed 24th April Matford
L.A.C.A. Wed / Thur 10th/11th July Birmingham


Come and meet Chris and sample our products.  If you need further information about any of the above exhibitions, please contact our offices.

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